My favourite magazines

I define a magazine as having multiple writers, frequent publication, and funding from ads and subscriptions.

For magazines without ads, check out Slow journalism.

For blogs with only one writer, my favourite blogs and digital gardens.

The list

The Good Trade is extremely pretty and has some notable articles, like How To Respond To Someone Who Is Grieving

Serve The Home is a magazine for self hosting. I go here for networking hardware news. There are so many ads here that I sometimes consider installing an ad-blocker, even though Ad blocking makes the free internet worse.

National Geographic is one of the most gorgeous magazines of all time. Photographers who work there shape the entire photography industry

The contentious

Wired magazine was once one of my most beloved tech magazines, particularly in the 90s when they were a print magazine. Hundreds of Ways to Get S#!+ Done—and We Still Don’t is an article from them that I still reference often. I bought a digital subscription from them in 2022 but found myself skimming, disagreeing, and otherwise getting no value from most of their articles, so I've since cancelled my sub.

The Wirecutter is a consumer product reviews magazine acquired by The New York Times. Is slightly infamous, to the point where people who read Wirecutter are judged for their laziness. For alternatives, there are and Consumer Reports