Time blocking

it makes you twice as productive as those suckers who rely on lists.
Cal Newport

A time management and task management method that assigns periods of time to work on tasks.

The method

  1. Open your planner. A calendar app can work, but paper is preferable so that you are not exposed to notifications or other distractions such as your email and Slack.
  2. Draw blocks for pre-existing commitments. A block has a start time, end time, and what it's for.
  3. Draw blocks for the things you want to work on
  4. Commit to the blocks you have drawn. Consider using a Tomato Timer or Time timer.
  5. If interruptions or delays occur, redraw your blocks. Another reason why paper is advantageous is that you can see these corrections. A digital calendar will not.
  6. At the end of the day, review tasks you didn't finish, and new tasks that came in.[1] Consider doing this as part of a larger end of work day ritual.


Scheduling can be a prison, but can also be a defensive wall against external thieves of your time.

Protect your time or it will be taken from you


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  1. "At the end of every workday, review any tasks you didn’t finish — as well as any new tasks that have come in — and adjust your time blocks for the rest of the week accordingly." The Complete Guide to Time Blocking ↩︎