As of 2023-May-27, Brotato does not have an official website. There is a Steam store page and blog post. This means the Google Search results for "brotato" such as brotato-game.com are all fake ad-spam.

An auto shooter on the Steam Store for $4.99USD. Is rated Overwhelmingly Positive.

Something I picked up when I noticed my friends racking up 100s of hours in it.

If you have an Android phone, you can download an APK of the game, and copy your save file from your computer to your phone to play there, but note that any Achievements you get on your phone won't appear in Steam.

Made with the Godot engine

Stupid mistakes I made

Like most games, in Brotato it's possible to make easy mistakes. There's a guide to the game on Google Docs which has been useful for me to realise mine, which include