Slow Media

Media that focuses on longtermism, accuracy and relevance, at the expense of response time. May publish as often as once a week, or as slowly as once a year. Some may consider slow media to be the bridge between articles and books.

Why read slow media? Isn't being up-to-date the point?

"Traditional" media is rife with self-feeding problems. Since many people will not pay for information, it is funded by advertising and sponsorships. These advertisers do not have the viewer's interests at heart. They are incentivised to show as many ads as possible, meaning they prioritise engagement, and one of the most effective ways to engage is outrage[1]. This feedback loop means news is saturated with outrageous news that degrades viewers mental health, advertising for products of often questionable quality, and news of such questionable accuracy as to be considered lies[2]. Some call this postjournalism.

To counter this, slow journalism offers the following:

fact-check.jpg A fact checking sheet from The Atlantic.[3]

Examples of slow media

My personal favourites:

These magazines I either subscribe to in my RSS reader or visit every few months.

The New Atlantis is an academic journal with gorgeous photography, typography and publishes 4 times a year. I'm currently enjoying How to make friends

Others of note

These magazines I have chosen not to subscribe to, but I visit on occasion or recommend to people who may be more interested in their subject matter.

Similar, but not slow news

A consequence of my above strict definition of slow media is that many other sources don't fit. But you may still be interested in them.

Non-profit news

Is funded by donations, but may post more regularly than slow news and also supplement funding with advertising networks.

Government funded news

State media is funded by taxpayers. Can have some downsides:

That said, some excellent government funded news outlets exist:

Other's opinions of slow media

The Slow Media Manifesto is a deeper look into the philosophy of slow media and how to make it.

Wikipedia has a page on slow journalism.

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