A few moments ago, my wife asked me "Why do you want to make a blog?"[1] and my off the cuff answer was "Because I want to". But the reality is a lot bigger than that.

First of all, there are some reasons not to, so let's get those out of the way.

Why you shouldn't publish online

Why you should publish anyway

Even with those risks in place, since I started publishing I've experienced these benefits which far outweigh the costs:

You are not blogging enough. You are pouring your words into increasingly closed and often walled gardens. You are giving control - and sometimes ownership - of your content to social media companies that will SURELY fail. These companies are profoundly overvalued, don't care about permalinks, don't make your content portable, and have terms of service that are so complex and obtuse that there are entire websites dedicate to explaining them.

Scott Hanselman on 2012-August-19

  1. This is a digital garden, not a blog, but I knew what she meant 😊 ↩︎

  2. So you're thinking about writing on the internet, scroll down to "Listening to criticism is a superpower." ↩︎