My computer

The first computer I ever used would have been on my family's 486DX-33 beige computer, sometime around 1991. I don't have any photos of it, but it looked a lot like the photo above. It ran a mighty 33Mhz on a single thread and 8 megabytes of RAM. It was connected to a beige 14" CRT monitor capable of 320×240 pixel resolution, which is about as detailed as a typical emoji today 🖥. It ran MS-DOS as its operating system.

The computer I'm typing this on in 2022 is an ASUS 13" laptop. It runs at 3.3GHz, or 100 times the frequency of my first computer, with 16 times the maximum threads and has 16 gigabytes of RAM, or 2000 times as much. The built in flat display is 1920×1200 pixels. Out of all the computers I've owned, this is the one I use the most, in part to it's combination of tremendous computing performance in a tiny package.

Photo of Hung-Su's computer

My gaming computer is a small form factor PC I built myself inside a Louqe Ghost S1. The CPU is an Intel i7-7700 which I bought in November 2017 for $250 at the time. It has a SATA SSD, a Crucial MX500, which is noticeably slower than m.2 NVME SSD such as in my laptop above. To make up for all the slow parts it has a new and beastly 6700XT. I enjoy it, but it crashes during games, and I'm not sure if this is because the CPU is getting old or if perhaps my new GPU is not entirely reliable, I have not stress tested it.

After ending My experience with Ubuntu in 2020, I've set up both my current computers with Windows 10.

My next dream computer will most likely be a handheld PC, possibly with an Oculink EGPU.