Interstitial journaling

A journaling style and productivity method. When you change contexts, write in your journal the current time and some sentences on what you just did and thought. Then write the Next action.


I have found it helpful for my ADHD as a way of engaging my Executive function. The act of typing is a kind of fidgeting, and writing the next action is executive function in action.

Tools for interstitial journaling

I do this with a Mechanical keyboard for improved effectiveness. My Macbook's keyboard is noticeably less satisfying for journaling.

I use Obsidian and Logseq for all my journaling, using a daily note template. Tony Stubblebine recommends that you do NOT go looking for a new "perfect" app or paper for this - use what you have.

Other's thoughts and experience on it

Seems to have been invented by Tony Stubblebine, in 2017

Anne-Laure Le Cunff wrote about it. No date but probably around 2020-Apr-15