G'day! I'm Hung-Su and these are my notes, in the form of a digital garden 😀 They are of varying levels of quality, but they're all 100% written by me. You might be curious about why I publish notes.

I refer back to my own advice at times, and I make some potentially controversial claims.

My oldest hobby is playing videogames, usually on my computer. I'm currently playing Final Fantasy 7 remake, Mother 3, and Baldur's Gate 3. My life playing games is directly responsible for my present day career in software engineering.

I thoroughly enjoy note taking and Personal Knowledge Management, using Obsidian and Logseq. I did a Twitch stream about them once! This website you're reading was made with the Digital Garden plugin by Ole Eskild, Github, and Netlify.

I enjoy UI and UX design, especially typography. This website is using an Obsidian theme I designed and made myself, called Typomagical.

This site doesn’t use ads, cookies, or analytics and never will. I’m privacy first.

Blog of sorts

Date Stuff
2023-Nov-04 I tried watching HDR content on a mini LED, and gave up
2023-Jun-24 Bought Diablo 4
2023-May-29 I've been thinking extensively about easy mistakes and their role in becoming top percentile.
2023-Apr-22 While attempting to cancel a credit card, realised that credit card churning is a bad idea.
2023-Feb-26 Discovered a helpful new term, ADHD procrastination.
2023-Feb-20 I spent around three hours replacing my old Font Awesome icon in my nav old-fa-nav.jpg with an SVG from Noun Project. new-noun-nav.jpg
2023-Feb-19 I'm thinking a bit about PageSpeed Insights. This website is based on Digital Garden plugin which gets a Performance score of only 48/100, on a page with no images. By comparison, my website fared better at 69/100, and with some quick tweaks from me got 74/100.
2022-Nov-12 With Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter I’ve started a new Mastodon account 🐘
2022-Aug-30 I've been thinking a lot about Blockquotes, and Software Design document
2022-Jul-27 I was alarmed by a comment on Hacker News of a person who didn't see the point of linking their notes. So I started writing some reasons why You should link your notes.
2022-Jul-22 My 6700XT arrived, and I watched Thor Love and Thunder
2022-Jul-17 Time timer
2022-Jul-9 Jurassic_World_Dominion
2022-Jul-7 I published this website using Quartz by Jacky