My favourite blogs and digital gardens

My personal notes are heavily inspired by the personal notes, blogs, and digital gardens of many others.

The ones I love the most

Other people's notes I enjoyed browsing

Anne-Laure Le Cunff's Mental Nodes has an especially nice note about how creating makes you live longer.

LYT kit by Nick Milodragovich is a directed set of notes to teach a person how to make a PKM system that scales well into the future. It is especially thoughtful to people with ADHD and overactive organisation habits.

Public musings by Soren Bjornstad has an interesting note about why freedom requires rules.

Petrichor by Bryan Jenks has some especially interesting notes about ADHD.

Brad Wood's Digital garden is extremely charming, with an aesthetic that reminds me of old brown paper computer manuals. Brad Woods is himself seems to be an excellent UI software engineer. Anyone with an interest in JavaScript and UI should look through his notes.

Everything I know by Nikita is enormous while remaining quite charming. Lots of emojis and links and pages. I recommend that you simply go there and explore, but if I had to pick one note it would be his note about relationships.

Julia Evan's blog about is phenomenal, particularly for computer science. You might want to look at Celebrate tiny milestones to start, and Things that used to be hard that are now easy.

Notes by Eleanor Konik is a wealth of information on World Building and PKM. It's made using Obsidian Publish.

Alexis Rondeau's digital garden is made with Obsidian Publish and is rich in notes. He has an interesting note exploring whether increased light improves mood.

Other digital gardens I'll check out later

Luke Rambling has a labyrinth of digital gardens in his digital garden

Joel Hooks' Digital garden

Chips and Cheese, a blog about semiconductor manufacturing and architecture. Their article on RDNA looks relevant to me as an owner of a 6700XT

Not blogs but worth checking out

If you hate ads and like reading long form and extremely well researched content, Slow journalism may be your jam.

If you're okay with ads, you should check out my favourite magazines.