Gwern Branwen

One of my favourite writers, with one of my favourite blogs: I find his writing impeccably interesting and reliable. I discovered him by accident in 2013, having saved his article on spaced repetition in my Pocket account.

My favourite blog posts

In a few paragraphs he details his experience and criticism of Google Fonts, all of which I agree with.

I find his colour sense and typographical taste a little ghastly, but also fascinating to read about his reasoning, which he documented very thoroughly in Design Of This Website.

My favourite post is the one about Death Note: L, Anonymity & Eluding Entropy. But I also enjoy his blog post about Dune: Dune notes

He experimented with an under desk treadmill for a few months and wrote a lot.

He has extensive thoughts about PKM in his listicle, Information Organizing

Other things

He also has a Github with the source code of his blog, in PHP.

He also posts over on Less Wrong as himself, and Hacker News as himself.