Credit card churning is a bad idea

Credit card churning is the act of signing up for a credit card for its rewards, then cancelling the card once the reward is claimed, ideally before the card's charges fees. Common in the USA, and mostly absent in Europe and Australia where credit card fees are lower.

I believe that anyone with ADHD should never do this. Credit cards typically require a phone call to be cancelled. Those with ADHD have trouble making phone calls, and are highly stressed by upsells and social savvy. What will typically happen is the credit card goes un-cancelled, incurring yearly fees that outweigh the benefits.

What's more, credit card companies will often make cancelling difficult. For example, the American Express website does not list a phone number to call, instead telling you to call the number on your card. If you have lost the card, you are therefore unable to make the call!


Neurotypicals don't understand neurodivergence

Neurotypical people who churn credit cards will say things like:

For neurodivergents, the task of "make a phone call on this day and say no to all attempts to keep you subscribed" has a high failure rate. To call that "no work involved" is a total lie.

What to do instead

As a neurodivergent, it is better to sign up for ONE excellent long term credit card with an excellent points program and simply collect miles over time, so that your normal behaviour collects rewards. For that you may want to look at The Points Guy.

My personal choice is the Capital One Venture X. I have had mine for a year, and in that time the points I've earned using it have more than paid its yearly fee. If you would are interested in the card and would like to do me a favour: sign up for the card with this link. I then get 25000 points, at no extra cost to you.