Samsung Buds2

The first pair of True wireless earphones I've owned. I paid $64 for them second hand from Amazon shopping. At that price they're one of the best value items I bought in 2022.


I bought this product 3 times. 2 of those had an identical defect: right earbud would fluctuate between giving loud and crackly audio, or quiet audio. If buying this yourself, opt for a store with an excellent return policy.

Learned about them from crinacle's TWS list, where he gave them a B+, one of the highest scores. I can mostly agree with his review - they sound fantastic and I have no complaints about the audio quality.

Part of the reason I bought them was the wireless charging. My previous pair of wireless earphones charged over Micro-USB and were quite frustrating to use.

Being wireless, one drawback is that the latency is sometimes noticeable while playing videogames. A gunshot is always seen before it is heard, which is incredibly distracting. Hence I still have my wired earphones, the 7Hertz Timeless earphones.