Springboard is a boot camp for UI design and UX design, that is complete shit. If you want to become a designer, study on your own - it's the same material, for free.

We wasted tens of thousands of dollars on this and all the material is just online blog posts you can freely access anyway, and those blog posts aren't even good.

They claim a job guarantee as a way of giving you some security, but it is bullshit. They'll set you up with a trap - that the guarantee only applies if you can make enough LinkedIn connections. Oddly, the guarantee makes no requests to refine any particular UI/UX skills.

If you really must study at Springboard, opt for their deferred tuition payment option, where they get nothing until you get the job. DO NOT choose the month-to-month option, which is what we chose. Note that choosing deferred tuition is a form of loan and will require them to do a credit check. We were scared of this and is part of why we chose month-to-month. Don't be scared of it - the alternative is worse.