Digital garden

A digital garden is a website, with content on multiple pages which link to each other.

Differentiators from blogs

A digital garden is very similar to a blog.

But digital gardens have a few differences:

Why the funny name?

Digital gardens were greatly motivated by the observation that simple handwritten notes tend to rot. Some time after they are written, the author may lose them entirely, or forget what the note means.

By contrast, a digital gardener prevents notes from rotting by treating their notes like a living thing.

The earliest occurrence of the term "garden" for online notes may be this 1998 essay, Hypertext Gardens.

Maggie Appleton wrote and illustrated a much better analogy of digital gardens here: Growing the Evergreens, and another essay, A Brief History & Ethos of the Digital Garden.

More reading

My favourite blogs and digital gardens

My digital garden is made using Obsidian and Ole Eskild's Digital Garden plugin. I previously used something called Foam Research, then Jekyll, then Quartz by Jacky.